A curated, members-only social club for the gaming/interactive community.

EST. 2020


A crypto ERC-20 token, $RNG serves as the binding layer underpinning community access, coordination and incentive models. R.N.G. is intended to serve as a social experiment at web3 scale, as we organically bootstrap a community of innovators and tinkerers from diverse backgrounds in seeking to build new realities from chaos. 


To host a virtual meeting space for founders, investors and enthusiasts in the gaming space:

  • A knowledge share (articles/books/podcasts)
  • A place for founders to seek advice and help from other founders/investors
  • A product testing ground for games (alpha/beta invites)
  • A virtual water cooler for chatter

To create a virtual social club for interactive entertainment with participation rewards in the native community token, including:

  • Dedicated channels for popular games
  • Dedicated channels for popular sports
  • Regular tournaments for poker and other online games A place to chat about TV, movies and all things Internet culture
  • A full suite of Discord-native games

To host concerts, roundtables, teach-ins, and happy hours with some of the most interesting characters in the gaming space in a virtual metaverse of unprecedented scale.

To introduce social token experimentation to gamers not familiar with crypto primitives in a collaborative community experiment.

To prove that “something” can be sustainably created out of nothing, and to bring us together in a world where we’ve never been more connected, yet felt more alone.